June, the month of “Calcio storico fiorentino”

calcio storicoThe challenge is about to begin! Keep in mind the following dates: Saturday, June 18, Sunday, June 19, Friday June 24, 2015 and book now with DREAMING FLORENCE your villa, apartment or house in Tuscany. These are in fact  the days in which the exciting tournament of the Calcio Storico Fiorentino takes place. The Calcio Storico Firoentino  is considered to be  the most important yearly  event of Florence and  a unique opportunity to visit  the birthplace of the Renaissance.
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The tournament of Calcio Storico  Fiorentino has ancient origins: such recreational activity practiced with a ball has been first mentioned in the Homeric poems.  In fact,  the Greeks were used to practize a game called “sferomachia“, which was then adopted by the Roman legionaries as training method for their warriors calling it  Harpastum (literally “tearing force”) . Such a game was probably played by two teams of equal number of players on sandy soils with a ball stuffed with rags or skin. The main goal of the game was to bring the ball over the opponent’s field, by any means.

The competition was a close fight between continuous combat and head-to-head for the possession of the ball. This game became very popular among the legionnaires and started to be played  all over the Roman Empire.  the Legionaries brought the competition  in 59 BC in Florence while they were founding the city Florentia .

Corteo9 It is certain that in the second half of the fifteenth century, the soccer play  started to be so  widespread among young Florentines  that they used to practisize  it frequently in every single  street or town square. It was so popular that in January 1490,  this game took place on a completely frozen Arno.


imagesNowardays,  the four historic districts of  Florence – Capital of Tuscany  – compete in the magnificient Piazza Santa Croce, every year during the month of June,   during an amazing  lively competition able to fascinate young and old people.
Inspired by the ancient tradition, the Calcio Storico Fiorentino was offically  born in 1930. Some of the rules that govern the Calcio Storico Fiorentinto present similarities with the modern soccer game except not only  for  the number of athletes involved  – twenty-seven “kicking”  atlets composing  a team – but also for the considerable  liberty of movements, tactics of the athlets  on the soccer field. The tournament is composed by three  games, two elimatories and the final during which compete four teams: the “Whites” of the Santo Spirito, The “Azzurri” of Santa Croce, the “Reds” of Santa Maria Novella and the “Green” of San Giovanni.  The final match is always held on June 24th when Florence pays its  tribute to its Saint Patron, San Giovanni when the finalists fight for the ultimate prize: a  Chianina calf. This is one of the best event that makes you living the spirit that animated the hearts of young Florentines in the fifteenth century!

640px-San_Giuseppe_(Via_Santa_Caterina_d'Alessandria)_portaleTherefore, do not hesitate: plan your stay in Florence now for June!  Thru the Calcio Storico Fiorentino you will be able to enjoy the unique pleasure to watch live exciting match that will surprise and entertain. Moreover, in order  to live intensely your stay, visit Florence with its  many sights  and surrounding hills! Dreaming Florence will be pleased to create just for you a unique tailor-made itinerary between art, nature, food and wine. So why not renting, for example, a lovely villa with Dreaming Florence located  on the ìhills of Fiesole, at a few steps from the Chianti Rufina Area, to enjoy the pleasant climate  of June while discovering the rhythms of traditional hamlets all  located very closly to the historical center of Florence and very well  connected with the public transportation.
Dreaming Florence will be  happy to offer  tailored services  specifically created for you,  from the choice of the apartment / villa / farmhouse  to tickets to watch the Calcio Storico Fiorentino and much more. Call us now! We are here to serve you!7-calcio-storico